3 Yoga Pregnancy Poses for All Trimesters Easy and For Beginners Too

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3 Yoga Pregnancy Poses for All Trimesters Easy and For Beginners Too

Pregnancy yoga poses are incredible even for beginners.
There are many maternity yoga poses or asanas that will provide strength and support while going through your pregnancy.
Women who use and apply these poses during pregnancy feel much more prepared and confident throughout early and late pregnancy in preparation for labor. The reason for this is because it helps improve your strength and endurance as you go through the poses. This is why it is highly recommended that pregnant women practice yoga as much as possible in order to increase their flexibility and strength, but to also build on their skills in relaxation and concentration. Research has also shown that spending time around other women while doing pregnancy yoga throughout early and late pregnancy can be beneficial because you are engaging and socializing while building friendships with other women who are in various stages of their pregnancy. Women who feel more informed during their pregnancy as a result of hearing from other pregnant women are more likely to feel lower stress levels and greater confidence. The breathing and relaxation techniques that are used in yoga pregnancy poses can relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Below, we will go through and discuss the yoga pregnancy poses that we feel are the most beneficial to expecting mothers.

Yoga pregnancy pose the Cat-cow or spinal flex



The first yoga pregnancy pose that we recommend is cat- cow. Cat- cow is beneficial because it allows you to concave and round the spine in order to reach the deep abdominal muscles and allows for the spine to stretch. It releases the muscles and tension of the low back while stretching and safely toning the deep abdominal muscles and tissues. Continuing to breathe long inhales and long exhales can help you relax and soothe the tension in your abdomen while allowing the breath to circulate throughout the body. During early and late pregnancy, women can experience lower back pain due to pregnancy, which can be relieved by doing this yoga pregnancy pose. It is a safe way to relieve the pressure and pain that is experienced in the low back, especially if you continue to inhale as you go down (cat) and exhale as you go up (cow). Another reason we recommend cat cow is to help increase the blood flow to the pelvis, while focusing the breath to that particular area. We highly recommend doing cat-cow as a yoga pregnancy pose because it tones the deep underlying abdominal muscles in the belly.


Yoga Pregnancy Pose Seated Butterfly



The second yoga pregnancy pose that we recommend for pregnancy is butterfly pose. Butterfly pose is beneficial because it allows you to stretch deep into your hip flexors and align your pelvic girdle while being seated. Butterfly pose is considered a beginner yoga pose. But it can allow you to stretch and gain a deeper feeling of blood circulation to the inner and outer hips as well as the groin. If you continue to breathe long inhales and long exhales, this can be a relaxing and deeply restorative pose. In this restorative yoga pregnancy pose you are able to open and stretch your hips, this is highly beneficial for pregnancy particularly for the tissues surrounding the groin and for the lower abdomen, where extra tension and tightness can occur. If you would like a deeper hip and groin opener or stretch pigeon pose is a good variation to take after this pose.

Yoga Pregnancy Pose Chair Pose


The third yoga pregnancy pose that we recommend for pregnancy is chair pose. You can hold this yoga pregnancy pose for 10-15 seconds to feel the benefits of toning and stretching your hamstrings, quads, and glutes. This yoga pregnancy pose raises your heart rate safely and allows you to focus deeply on your breathing, especially if you continue to breathe long inhales and long exhales. This yoga pregnancy pose can help to strengthen the muscles in the lower back due to the posture in which you are bending deeply. It is an energetic squat that is lifting and forcing your body to build heat and stamina. This is intended to be a strengthening yoga pregnancy pose for your legs, lower back, and lower abdomen. It is important to relax and breathe deeply into this yoga pregnancy pose even as your heart rate starts to increase and to hold for as long as possible throughout early and late pregnancy.
Let your light shine Luminous Beings!!!
Please consult your doctor before you attempt these poses or any other poses, and please try these yoga poses at your own risk.

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