Luminous Being Yoga Ambassador Program

Luminous Being

Luminous Being Yoga Ambassador Program

Luminous Being yoga ambassador program  it is a conscious universal platform for all types of physical, emotional ,mental and spiritual awareness. Luminous Being is a space to support one another, to inspire each other and live our dreams!

Luminous Being support a life of light, yoga,fun,health and universal consciousness.

Luminous Being ambassador program provides yogi members with the ability to earn extra income doing what they love and enjoy.. 

Luminous Being has been changing the way the fashion and yoga industry does business to be more ethical and spiritual way of doing things.To live in harmony with our planet, and fellow brother and sisters.By joining our program you are changing the world,making it cleaner, brighter and happier place to inhabit.

Who can join Luminous Being Tribe of Light Ambassador Program?

Anyone who loves the earth, loves to wear Luminous Being and connect with your community.Luminous Being Tribe of Light invites you to be the change you wish to see and join our program to make a difference.To empower yourself make a difference and live in abundance, love and prosperity.

Tribe of Light, Luminous Being's Mission.

1.To change fast fashion into greener renewable and sustainable fashion, while paying fair wages, lowering the foot print and making all of our clothing in downtown Los Angeles.

2.Support charities donate time money and energy into people doing great things!

3.Love and support each other through awareness and sustainability practices.

4.Love the earth, love all beings, love to all.

5.Make fun beautiful clothing from  ethical, organic, sustainable, recycled and plastic bottles.

6.Be the change we wish to see.

Refer and earn prosperity

10% commission earned on all purchases.

To be Luminous Being Ambassador you must meet the following requirements:

1.Live the Luminous Lifestyle of yoga, health ,love.

2.All ambassadors must post 3 times weekly on Luminous Beings eco luxury active wear.

3.You will receive 20% off all apparel and get the latest updates and news on Luminous Being styles and blogs.

To become an ambassador please fill out contact for and briefly explain why you feel you are a good fir for Luminous Being.







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