Effects of Solar Eclipse and What to do


Effects of Solar Eclipse

This is a really good one and will have thrilling effects and very favorable influences from Uranus and a Star in the Gemini constellation.
This July solar eclipse brings with it Honor and Integrity so your thoughts and actions will be more in alignment for those of you who struggle with being transparent  or making false promises due to fear or lack of self love.
 The cosmic soul  journey influence easier as you will learn to love yourself more and therefore be more loving to others in a way that you would never shield the truth from yourself or others beings.
This aspect of our July Solar Eclipse will also bring us the influence of Better Health and Affluence.
Making it more easy breezy to manifest your dreams in a more harmonious quick efficient manner while sticking to your practice of mindfulness and higher vibratory eating habits to raise your electromagnetic energy force for healthy  body,  mind,  spirit and  heart.

What to do During Solar Eclipse

Yes,  you must still do the work, your own personal practice along with the visualizations of what you choose to out picture into the outer world while staying  pure. However you will have the wind beneath your wings to soar greater heights.
It gets even better!
The solar eclipse effects will last for approximately 6 months. We are now beginning a new cycle of time. Yes, time moves through cycles and it has its own consciousness. There are wonderful mediations to play with, slow down and  speed up  time in the yogic practice.
Do any Mediation or Kryia that will strengthen the AURA “Your shield” or RADIANT BODY “ Royal Courage” would be wonderful today. 11 Minutes minimum.
If you can do this with a willing spiritual partner even better, the effects will be 4xs stronger like magic.
This will encourage the favorable aspects of this great gift we have been given on the planet today.
Sat Nam Wahe Guru!
Let your light shine Luminous Beings
P.S. Here are some great meditations you can do from the Kundalini Practice
Sat Kriya , Sodarshan Kyria and Sat Ta Na Ma along with Triple Mantra.

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