White Kundalini Yoga Clothes Organic Pants for Men

White Kundalini Yoga Clothes Organic Pants for Men


Wearing White Kundalini Yoga Clothes Made from Organic cotton and Natural Fibers:

Kundalini Men of yoga know the benefits of wearing white organic cotton yoga clothes during their kundalini practice.Expanding the auric field by a total on one foot.This is big news!

White Kundalini Organic Yoga clothes, what it will do for you:

Wearing white organic  yoga clothes  in your "Kundalini Practice" is very important.You are expanding your consciousness on many levels.
Not only will this benefit you, but our planet as a whole.That is why you do practice Kundalini and other forms of yoga and meditation.To elevate yourself and other beings around you.Thus connecting with your soul.
Kundalini practitioners, what you wear is just as important as what you put into your body,mind,heart and soul.Your thoughts become things.The food you eat becomes your body and affects your moods, feelings along with immune and hormonal system.How you dress and the colors you wear bring you into awareness.Some colors will contract you like black,  dark colors and others like white organic cotton kundalini yoga clothes will expand you.When you wear white, you really do become aware.I actually did an experiment and wore all white for 30 days.The first  week it was really something.Then I just became more aware of myself and what I was doing.Great experiment to try.If people ask why the white clothes, tell them your expanding your auric field and turning yourself in Jedi Master or a Saint.

White Kundalini Organic Yoga clothes for Men:

White Kundalini yoga clothes is just as important  for men of yoga as it is women.We have designed these White Kundalini Yoga Pants  made with organic cotton, and rayon from bamboo called the "Satya"  for men of yoga and men of kundalini yoga for their practice.With comfort of wear for your Kundalini and Meditations, deep pockets to hold your keys and wallet while going to class.The earth's sustainability in mind, which is also your sustainability on this planet.

Check out our Satya Pants and feel free to email or call with any questions.

Much Gratitude and Sat Nam Let your light shine~ Luminous Being




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