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Flare Yoga Pants-Parvati Long Plum

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Flare Yoga Pants the Parvati
Flare Yoga Pant the Parvati model for Luminous Being is Alissa is 5’6” wearing medium flare yoga pants and a small yoga top Archer Tank.
Our Yoga pants are made from Rayon from organically grown bamboo, spandex, organic cotton.
Colors Black, White, Plum
Flare Yoga Pants are Hand Made ~Pre Shrunk Pre Washed
 Eco Friendly  Sustainable activewear Made in Los Angeles, California, USA
Luminous Being

Flare yoga pants  Model Emily above is 5'4  tall size 6/8 Medium

Flare Yoga Pants

Flare yoga pants are very comfortable free-flowing pants with a breathable fit.
The flare yoga pants were wildly popular in the '90s when the athleisure trend started.  The activewear industry evolved into what it's now. Flare pants we once wore gave thanks to sleeker styles, more practical for understanding. Lately, though, these flare yoga pants are making their way into everyday life from yoga to heels and a cute top. Very versatile for travel and the rayon from bamboo helps keep them wrinkle-free. 
Flare yoga pants why wearing them will benefit you! + Style
Flare yoga pants are a wardrobe refresh that comes back in any season for your yoga attire and streetwear. Want an easy way to brighten up your wardrobe in an instant? With a pair of flare yoga pants, they're far cuter and more comfortable than any of your other pants currently sitting in your closet if you don't already have a pair. Prepare to fall in LOVE because these flare yoga pants are a pant that is silky soft, stylish, sexy, and cute for any yogini.

Amazing comfort flare yoga pants!

 Flare yoga pants are for those who love hanging out in their activewear and being super comfy. The rayon from Bamboo is silky soft on your skin. These Flare yoga pants are pretty much a dream for comfort, sustainability, and a relaxed feel. There's nothing better for hanging out on the couch or spending a self-care me time Sunday at home wearing your Luminous Being flare yoga pants. This style is forgiving in terms of fabrics so that you can chill out in total comfort of flare yoga pants!

Flare yoga pants








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