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Buddha T-Shirt Teja Tee White

Buddha T-Shirt Teja Tee White

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Buddha T-shirt worn by Luminous video model Max is 6’2” wearing a Large Buddha T-shirt the Teja Tee.


Buddha T-shirt Silver Sustainably  made in Los Angeles, California, USA

Buddha T-shirt  the Teja Tee inspired by Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha, or simply the Buddha, after the title of Buddha, was an ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded
Edges of Buddha tee are raw serged edge.
Colors: Black, White
fabric content: 50% Sustainable Modal and % 50 Cotton,
Modal gives this Buddha T-Shirt a soft feeling on the skin.
Luminous Being

Buddha T-shirt

What is our Buddha T-shirt? 

Buddha T-shirt is a deep v neck yoga shirt with a silver image of Buddha who prays to the true religion. The buddha t-shirt has the colors Black and white as the color role that these qualities have to play in the awakening of clarity and truth so one must understand that the phases must overcome to reach eventual enlightenment. This Buddha T-shirt comes in Small, Medium, and Large for a comfortable fit for your size.

Buddha T-shirt for comfortable yoga wear + Spiritualized Style


Where can I buy the Buddha t-shirt? Our Yoga clothing is eco-friendly made in LA, USA. The Buddha T-shirt is made of 50% Sustainable Modal and  50% Cotton, which the yoga shirt will give a soft feeling on the skin. Modal is a soft human-made fiber made up of natural materials and is biodegradable, so touted as a sustainable textile. The Teja Tee is soft and firm, especially with a blend of cotton.

Buddha T-Shirt for your yoga session and lifestyle

Buddha's T-shirt comes from Gautama Buddha's image, and he is revered as the founder of the "true religionBuddhism and known as the enlightened one who transcended karma and escaped the cycle of birth rebirth. You are starting an incredible journey by your yoga practice and wearing our sustainable Buddha t-shirt, is a Yoga is a practice. Yoga means union, union is also being in harmony with the planet yourself and other sentient beings. On and off the mat.

How do Buddha t-shirts affect your mind? What we wear, eat, and think affects our life. The image of this beautiful enlightened being affects our state of consciousness. Our minds are very empathetic, extensible, boundless, fluid. And so a buddha t-shirt gives subtle effects! When I wear my Buddha T-shirt, it's like I become a Luminous Being which the state of Buddha consciousness. Light...

With every purchase of a Buddha t-shirt,  Luminous Being gives back to great causes. All of your purchases give back 2% to charity to support incredibly life-changing causes. Thank you for helping us to make a difference and leave a legacy of sustainability, love, light, and gratitude for all. May you be blessed with health, wealth, and happiness.

with love, Luminous Being


Buddha T-Shirt:

50% Cotton

50% Modal

Deep V-cut style for Yoga comfort

Made in the USA California

Designed in California

Locally Sewn

Locally Cut

Locally  Hand Painted by Artisans 

Sustainable practices

2% of your purchase goes directly to life-changing, life-giving, powerful causes.

100% woman-owned company



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